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Chicken Switch Model PB-16

MarTek Model PB-16

MarTek Model PB-16

Model PB16 is designed for universal applications that involve pushing a single button. It works well with pushbuttons like the Allen Bradley Bulletin 800 series. It has a pushing force up to 22 lbs. Customers have found it to work well to push mechanical Trip buttons on the front of medium voltage breakers. However, we do not recommend using the PB16 to operate a pushbutton to close a breaker unless an alternative method is available to also trip the breaker without re-entering the arc-flash boundary. (See the User Manual for more information on this subject.) Be aware that this actuator requires a ferrous metal area close to the pushbutton for the PB16’s magnets to attach. If you think that the PB16 may work in your application, please call us so we can assist you.

The standard PB-16 ships with the Chicken Switch actuator, the hand-held controller, 30-foot cable, carrying case, instruction manual, and 16 AA batteries. Optional 50-foot cable available on all MarkTek wired devices.

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