What is remote switching and how does it work?

Control Switches, Breakers, MCCs, Racking… What is the best protection?

It’s Really Quite Simple. Get Away From It!

MarTek Limited’s remote switching and racking design philosophy is base upon one key principle – make distance your friend.

The radiant energy from an arc blast dissipates at a rate which approximates the inverse-square rule

For instance: If you double the distance from the arc, the energy level is divided by 4. Increase the distance 4 times and the energy level drops to 1/16th, and so on.

MarTek Limited’s remote products keep you outside the arc flash zone and away from the line of fire of flying debris

MarTek Limited’s remote switching and racking products get the operator outside of the arc flash blast area and away from the line of fire. With magnetic attachment and custom fit for each switch, MCC, or breaker configuration available at MarTek, the remote switching and racking devices are simple to install, easy to use, and cost effective while providing maximum safety for the operator.

Our goal is to provide remote switching and racking products that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable (contained in one carrying case)
  • High quality
  • Best value when compared to other options
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