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May 2014: May is Electrical Safety Month! More...

May is Electrical Safety Month!

With the long-awaited arrival of spring, many businesses and institutions are preparing for planned electrical maintenance outages. Preparing an electrical system for maintenance and returning the system to service typically requires many switching activities.

With the combined special emphasis on electrical safety awareness during the month of May and planning for maintenance outages, it's a great time to consider new ways to protect workers from the hazards of an electrical arc-blast. If your switchgear does not have the capability to be operated remotely, you should consider using a portable remote switching device.

Flash suits are a basic, first-line-of-defense for arc-blast risk mitigation. However, in many instances the incident energy exceeds the rating of the highest rated flash suits available (50 calories). In cases such as this, the only solution is to remove the worker from the arc-blast zone. In cases where the flash suit rating meets or exceeds the incident energy, other hazards such as flying debris, pressure wave and blue light hazards may not be mitigated. Once again, moving the worker to a safe distance away from the switchgear is the best option.

Portable remote switching devices are available for nearly every type of pistol-grip breaker control switch, and for a wide variety of low-voltage power circuit breakers. MarTek Ltd. manufactures high quality portable remote devices that are easy to use, battery operated, and require no modification to the switchgear.

Remember, "May is Electrical Safety Month!"

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